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About Us

al alali is a story of rapid growth and success. It is considered one of the leading companies in the food industry across the Middle-East.

About Us

al alali tells a story of rapid growth and success.  After launching in Saudi Arabia in 1990 with a handful of products, we have continued to develop and are now considered one of the leading and most trusted food brands in the Middle East.

Thanks to a team of highly dedicated professionals, al alali remains committed to raising the standards of food quality in the region.  It is this focus on quality and attention to market needs that make us proud to call millions of families across the Middle East our customers!  al alali now offers more than 250 products that are available in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Yemen, in addition to Jordan, Syria and Sudan.

Since being founded, al alali has established unique quality standards that others find difficult to match; a commitment to unsurpassed quality and a value for money platform.  Such high standards follow through in our commitment to transparency and sound business ethics.

Our dedication has earned al alali a top position among the most powerful Arab brands in the Middle East, as ranked by Forbes Arabia in 2008.  We are determined to build on this success and grow al alali to an even brighter future.

al alali’s success story has allowed the brand to satisfy the needs of customers and stakeholders.  The brand is committed to maintaining and developing the quality of its existing range of products and introducing more variety in the future.  Our goal is to become a part of your lives, to provide you with the best and tastiest ingredients to those wonderful home cooked meals we all love.